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10 of the best things to come out of Scotland

By BZashleigh 29 Nov 2017

Scotland - what a country?!

Despite our small size, the impressive list of our exports includes world-famous celebrities, successful sportspeople and superb food and drink, to name just a few!

Here are just 10 of those things that we can be thankful for in bonnie Scotland:

  1. Irn Bru
    Known as 'Scotland's second drink' (after whisky!), it's practically a rite of passage to make this your soft drink of choice! Its bright orange colour is unmistakable and the same secret recipe is still used in Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire that was used back in 1901. 
  2. Sir Chris Hoy
    With six gold and one silver Olympic medal under his belt for cycling, Sir Chris Hoy is one of the most successful Olympians Great Britain has ever seen! Born and bred in Edinburgh, Hoy has now retired but still regularly presents and commentates on the sport. 
  3. Biffy Clyro
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    Famed for their energy at festivals around the world, the 3-piece rock band from Kilmarnock are Scottish through and through. Lead singer Simon alongside Ben and James have been performing together since 1995 and they're still as popular as ever! 'Mon the Biff!' - That's 'Come on Biffy Clyro' in Scottish. 
  4. Tunnock's
    Love a teacake or chocolate wafer with your cup of tea? We've got the small town of Uddingston, South Lanarkshire to thank for those! The Tunnock's factory first opened its doors back in 1890, and the chocolate products are still a firm favourite today. Yum! 
  5. Golf
    Scotland is known to be the birthplace of modern-day golf with games being played on the Old Course at St Andrew's since the 15th century. Today, world-famous golfers still flock here to play in the prestigious tournaments. 
  6. Harry Potter
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    The Elephant House cafe in Edinburgh is where J.K Rowling's creative thoughts came to life as she wrote the Harry Potter books. Why not visit the cafe and see if you get those same successful vibes?
  7. Sir Andy Murray
    Britain's number 1 tennis player and currently ranked no.3 in the whole world, Sir Andy Murray continues to be a huge success. We get behind the Glaswegian during every big tournament and his mum, Judy, has also become quite a hit with the fans! 
  8. Shortbread
    Originating from the ancient 'biscuit bread' of the 12th century, shortbread has come a long way since then, with big manufacturers, Walkers probably being the most popular. This sweet and buttery treat is often bought as a gift or souvenir by visitors of Scotland. 
  9. Scotch whisky
    Our native malt or grain whisky must be made in a specific way by law to be classed as 'Scotch'. Also known as a 'wee dram', it's a favourite amongst Scots, especially during winter when it's supposedly meant to help ward off the cold. 
  10. Haggis, neeps and tatties
    Traditionally associated with Burns Night, this is a Scot's ideal meal! Haggis is a love it or hate it food item, but neeps (swede/yellow turnip) and tatties (mashed potatoes) can be added as a side to most other dishes. Yum! 

We're pretty proud of all this, and you should be too!   


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