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7 hacks to easier revision


7 hacks to easier revision

By bzpriya 01 Nov 2019

Revision, the word itself may bring tears to your eyes but with these hacks I can assure you that it'll make revision much easier and you'll see your grades rocketting. 

Take notes

When you’re sitting in lectures you’ll find that you will be getting told a lot of information and the best way to take this information in is to actually take notes. But not virtually, hand-written notes. Science shows that when you write down information pen to paper, students have less trouble recalling information than those who would type them up.

So get yourself a funky notepad and some colourful pens, it'll make you want to write in it much more with the added bonus of it looking aesthetically pleasing. BUT, don't get carried away here, it's not how your notes look that will get you the grades, it's how much of your notes that you remember that will.

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Set mini goals & reward yourself

Studying isn’t my idea of fun and I’m sure it’s not yours either. That’s why setting small goals and rewarding yourself once you’ve reached your goal will make for very productive revision. For example, tell yourself to write 500 words then you can have a sweet treat or you can go outside for some fresh air for 10 minutes. If you do something like this for every section of your essay then it’ll get done a lot faster. 

Try not to reward yourself by going on your phone for a social scroll because this may lead to further distraction, take time out for yourself instead.

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Turn off temptation

This leads onto the next hack of turning off smart phones and logging out of social media because they can be super distracting and lead to easy procrastination which can spiral out of control. But, if you still don’t trust yourself to do this then download ‘Freedom’ which will shut off all internet and phone access for a set amount of time. 

This is ideal for concentrating but if you need to look something up, make sure you plan this in advance.

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Chew gum

Feeling sleepy whilst revising but you have no time for a nap because you’ve still got so much to get through, pop some chewing gum in your mouth. Research shows that it makes us feel more awake which will heighten concentration for a longer period of time. 

Just get yourself a variety of flavours so you don’t get bored of the same old peppermint.

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Take breaks

Working for hours and hours on end will not work, it’ll only make your brain increasingly more tired which will slow it down and completely switch off. To keep yourself engaged try working for 52 minutes, then break for 17 minutes are the most productive.

On your breaks try go outside, getting away from paper and screens will really help clear and refresh you mind so that when you are revising again you are more productive.

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Listen to LYRIC-FREE music

For all the music lovers out there, you’ll be glad to hear that listening to music whilst you revise can help you concentrate and make the task seem more fun. I’d advise that you listen to music without lyrics or songs that aren’t lyrics heavy because you may get distracted by the words.

 If you’re a lover of rap then try listening to some calming nature music instead.

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Get visual

Everyone learns in different ways and usually people study by the reading/ writing style. But that can get tedious and boring so, why not switch it up and engage some different senses?

For example, if you're studying a novel, hunt out the film version and watch it as well. This is also a great way to learn a language if you're doing a language degree, just put on a film but with foreign- language subtitles! But with whatever you're studying there will be plenty of documentaries and videos out there to watch as well.

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And just like that, you're a step closer to getting the grades you deserve- good luck in your exams!


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