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A lesson in Scottish lingo

By BZashleigh 28 Oct 2017

If you're a native Scotsman or woman then you'll know some of these phrases already

If not, you'll still be settling into life in Edinburgh and these quirky phrases might just help...

"Ah dinnae ken"
Translation: "I don't know"

"Geein me the boak"
Translation: "That makes me feel sick"

"That's braw"
Translation: "That's great/brilliant"
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"Don't be a wee clipe"
Translation: "Don't be a tell-tale"

"Keep the heid!"
Translation: "Stay calm, don't get upset"

"Haud yer wheesht!"
Translation: "Be quiet"
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"Yer bum's oot the windae"
Translation: "You're talking rubbish"

"I'm getting the messages"
Translation: "I'm getting the grocery shopping"

"Guid gear comes in sma' bulk"
Translation: "Good things come in small packages"
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Why not test these out when you're out at the shop or down the pub? You'll be an expert in no time...

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