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Apps to make your life at Heriot Watt simple

By BzBarlow 02 Aug 2019

With so much stuff going on as a uni student, anything to make life easier should be welcomed with open arms (or by opening an app!) 

Below are five apps to consider downloading so you're armed and ready for all that student life throws at you...

  • myHWU (Android / iPhone)
    Everything from library balances to campus maps. This is the app you need to get on with being a Heriot-Watt student.
  • SafeZone (Android / iPhone) 
    To keep you safe whilst on campus. Use it to send location-based alerts from your phone direct to Security Services.
  • Browzer - WattLiving (Android / iPhone)
    Packed full of student hacks and practical advice for living in Edinburgh and being a Heriot-Watt student.
  • Transport for Edinburgh (Android / iPhone)
    Bit boring but if you rely on the buses or trams, get it downloaded. Track the buses and pay for your fares using it. Super handy if you don't have any cash on you.  
  • Edinburgh Photo Guide (Android / iPhone)
    Serial photographer? If you want to get some stunning pics for your Instagram, this app will take you on a virtual tour of some of the best photography hotspots. Ideal for showing off to your mates. 

Not enough? Some others to check out...

UNiDAYS (Android / iPhone): For when you need to save some money. Show it to get some great student discounts
Maps.Me (Android / iPhone): For when you need to find your way. It works offline too!My Friends (iPhone): For when you or your friends are completely lost.
Open Table (Android / iPhone): For when you're feeling hungry and want to try something new
Buddy Check (iPhone): Bump phones with your friends before you head out and you'll be able to track them. 

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