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Arriving in the UK? Top tips for your arrival!

By BzBarlow 01 Aug 2019

You've made a great choice deciding to study in Edinburgh! It's a buzzing student city with lots to do and explore. 

Moving to a different country can take a lot of getting used to though. With another culture to immerse yourself in, you will be feeling nervous and excited all at the same time. 

You can purchase a lot of things here in the UK so it is best to only bring key items. Here are some tips...

  • Rice Cookers: Leave these at home, not only are they banned from the UK as they use a different voltage but it'll save you lots more space. You can easily buy these when you get here in stores such as Argos.
  • Food/Ingredients: There are plenty of Asian supermarkets in Edinburgh as well as World Food aisles in supermarkets.
    TOP TIP: You will it to be a lot more expensive than back home so if there is a particular snack you enjoy regularly, it might be best to stock up before you leave.
  • Clothing: It is best to just pack for a couple of weeks and buy the rest when you get here. Edinburgh has a huge array of clothing stores that do not cost much either.
  • Medicine: One thing you may struggle to find is specific medicines. If you need anything particular, it is best to bring these with you. 
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