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Books you NEED to read

By bzpriya 01 Dec 2019

When you come to uni your lifestyle is going to change quite a bit and you may find that you need something to turn to and reading is the perfect therapy. 

Here is a selection of some of the best reads that will brighten up your mindset and give you the push that you may not have known you even needed!

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Coming to university itself may have been an aspiration or a dream for you but now you’re here you’ll probably find that you have new goals to reach, new aspirations and dreams. The Alchemist teaches you how to listen to your heart and not to be afraid of actually following your dreams even when times get hard because of the belief that it will only lead to adventure and life itself is an adventure.

Mindset by Carol Dweck

Before coming to university you may find that you are in a fixed mindset because of the home lifestyle you are used to. But, university is such a big change that it means your lifestyle too will change. The book teaches you to adopt a growth mindset which would help you adapt to this change. This mindset will come very useful to you not only in your uni years but for all your years after. Try reading this before starting uni to really help prepare you.

The Miracle Morning

Every day starts with a morning and how you spend this time will set you up for what the day holds. This wonderful book helps you wake up to your full potential by 6 minutes of reading every morning by giving you an insight into yourself as well as the world. So if you want to wake up every morning to more energy, motivation and focus, what are you waiting for?

Pick Me Up by Adam J. Hurt

All young minds should be hyper with ideas, thoughts and feelings and this book is much like a journal where you can capture those fleeting but amazing moments of your life. Unlike a linear journal, this book can be opened at any page and read over and over to reflect on the wisdom provided. This would be perfect to keep as a coffee book table in your kitchen so you and your flatmates can get a quick burst of positivity when they may feel they need it.

Amazon sell all of these best reads so feel free to add them all to your basket!


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