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De-stress techniques for exam season and onwards

By BzBarlow 29 Apr 2020

With all that's going on in the world right now, the added strain of exams isn't ideal. So, finding ways to help you de-stress that work for you is really important for your wellbeing.

If you do start to feel stressed, give the below techniques a go...

Change your environment
Yes, there may be considerably fewer places you're able to go but even stepping away from your laptop and going for a long shower or a step outside for some fresh air can work wonders.

Be creative
If you get to the stage where you're looking at your notes but the information isn't quite going in, that's a sign it's time to take a break or you will start to feel frustrated. Focusing your mind on another task, that requires less thought and more creativity can help. Why not colour in some NHS or Keyworker sheets or make your own and decorate a window?

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Stop and Breathe
Stopping for a moment and taking the time to focus on your breath, pushing all other thoughts aside can be a really simple but effective way to de-stress. Be conscious of your breath coming in and going out and focus on the sensation of inhaling and exhaling.

Try Meditation
It might not be something you've considered before but a few minutes of practice per day can help ease anxiety. There are apps to help get you started and playlists on Spotify to try out. Why not put aside 20 minutes of your morning and dedicate it to your wellbeing. 

Reach Out
Now more than ever, it's simple to connect with people quickly. You may not physically be there but seeing a friendly face and hearing a familiar voice is a really powerful way of feeling more relaxed and allows you to verbally express your feelings. 

Stress and anxiety are completely normal feelings to experience but identifying when you feel like this and knowing how to tackle it can be really helpful. 

There may be other techniques that work for you and that's great, it's all about looking after your mental wellbeing. 

Give the above tips a go if you find yourself agitated, anxious or stressed. If you're still struggling though, remember your Residence Life team are available if you want to chat: You can email them at reslife@hw.ac.uk or join in one of their regular activities...

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