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Don't be the noisy neighbour...

By BzBarlow 15 Mar 2019

When you move out of halls and into the community, it's important to remember you're no longer just a student...

You are now a resident of a community and a neighbour too.

This is a great chance to open your horizons and means you can integrate into a new community! However, it does mean that your student lifestyle could clash with those around you. You need to bear in mind that those living around you won't just be students - they could be anyone from the elderly to a family with small children. If you do happen to be next to other students houses, be mindful that they too might have different schedules. 

How to avoid becoming the 'noisy neighbour' 

We're not saying you need to stay indoors and make no noise, you just need to be respectful of those around you. And the same goes for your neighbours too! Here are some easy ways to keep the peace...

  • Heading on a night out but leaving late? Avoid noisily spilling out of your house and slamming the taxi doors, stay indoors until it's outside and keep the noise to a minimum.
  • Rather than blast music through speakers, use your headphones, especially in the mornings and late at night. You wouldn't want to be woken up by a thumping bass so neither do your neighbours
  • If you have mates coming to stay, remember you're responsible for keeping the noise levels down if it does get too rowdy, it's all about being aware!

This works both ways - if you feel your neighbours are being disruptive, don't be afraid to speak up and try to come up with a resolution. You want to feel at home!

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