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Edinburgh Campus to Scottish Borders: Bus timetable

By BzBarlow 16 Aug 2019

If you fancy popping between Edinburgh Campus and Scottish Borders, we have a FREE shuttle bus service that runs twice daily on weekdays (excluding local holidays) and it takes around an hour. 

If you plan to use the shuttle bus regularly, it's best to get familiar with the timetable...

Please make sure you reserve a seat in advance by emailing 

DepartsDeparture time (prompt)ArrivesArrival time (approx.)
Edinburgh Campus (Main reception)07.30Scottish Borders Campus (High Mill)09.00
Scottish Borders Campus (High Mill)09.30Edinburgh Campus (Main reception)11.00
Edinburgh Campus (Main reception)15.00Scottish Borders Campus (High Mill)16.30
Scottish Borders Campus (High Mill)17.00Edinburgh Campus (Main reception)18.15

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