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Exam tips

By HWResLife 10 Dec 2020

How to make the most of your revision and excel at the exams…

  • Make sure you are revising the right thing! Be clear about what sub-topics will be covered on each exam. If you aren’t sure check – there’s no point revising something which isn’t likely be on your exam!
  • Stuck in revision hell? The good news is short regular bursts of revision are a lot more effective than marathon revision sessions.
  • Make use of time which would otherwise be wasted like a bus journey or waiting for an appointment.
  • Revised lots but suffer from mind blanks in exams? Revising using flash cards and key words will help you recall information more easily. For long answers practice making mind maps including the subtopics and possible examples you plan to use. For multiple choice exams and short questions complete the questions you are confident with and revisit ones you are unsure about.
  • Use past papers. These help you familiarise yourself with the structure and content of the exam. They also enable you to check gaps in your knowledge.
  • In your exam read the instructions carefully – spend plenty of time reading the exam question before you commit to writing your answer. Underline/highlight and circle the key elements of each question to be sure you know exactly what is being required of you. If you are writing a long answer, make a short plan.
  • Calculate how long you need to complete each section of your exam and stick to these timings!

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