George's blog: My drinking advice to freshers

By bzgeorge 26 Sep 2019

Students are known for their party lifestyle. Although drinking alcohol is never the healthiest decision, there are ways to make it better for you and your hangover. If you are interested in this lifestyle, which granted some students are not, then make sure to educate yourself on alcohol properly. 

It can be easy to get peer-pressured into shots and various punch bowls during Freshers' Week. Stay aware of what you are drinking and contact your university support lines if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Do not buy the cheapest alcohol 

I know, it can be tempting to buy Sainbury's own vodka and Echo Falls wine. You can save a few pennies and your bank balance will be grateful.

However, your body will not be so grateful when you wake up with the worst hangover of your life. There is a reason it is so cheap. The alcohol is poor and the taste is even worse. Invest in spirits with brand names such as, Smirnoff or Captain Morgans. They aren't that expensive and make a considerable improvement to your hangover. 

Find your drink and stick to it

First year flat parties are famous for their punch bowls. For those of you who are unfamiliar, this is a large bowl filled with juice and every type of alcohol in the room. It may taste like a homemade cocktail but trust me, this is vomit-inducing poison. Stay away at all costs.

When you find an affordable and tasty drink - stick to it. For example, rum and coke, vodka and lemonade, beer etc.

Avoid mixing your drinks

To be clear, this does not mean mixing hard alcohol with non-alcholic mixers or mixing different types of alcohol in one drink like a cocktail. It refers to having different types of drink throughout the night. For example, you may start with beer, then switch to wine and then have a few shots. Mixing alcohol can be dangerous and will make you very sick the next day. Again, find a drink and stick to it

Stop doing shots 

British freshers' love doing shots. They will make a game out of drinking them. However, shotting hard alcohol is very bad for your body. You can't enjoy the alcohol, because you drink it so quickly and it'll get you drunk a lot faster. Avoid this method of drinking. 

Know your limits

If you have not been drinking before university, then take your time in Freshers' Week. Do not be coerced into heavy drinking and club nights if you have never experienced it before. Start off with a few drinks and make sure to drink water throughout the night. Try to avoid drinking everything all in one go. Pace yourself, enjoy the night and if you feel too drunk, go home.

Hang out with your friends in non-alcoholic environments

Instead of meeting up in the pub to see your friends, why not make dinner together? Drinking every day at university can be an easy habit to slip into when the pub is always on offer. Make sure to take a few days off from drinking per week. It can also be fun to start up a new hobby with your friends, such as climbing. While alcohol can ease social anxiety, it is better to try bonding with your new friends sober.

Why not try non-alcoholic beer?

It can be difficult to avoid drinking all the time when you are constantly around alcohol. Luckily for you, non-alcoholic beer has started to creep into pubs across the UK and it pretty much tastes the same. Try out Heineken 0.0 so that you can still socialise in the pub but escape the hangover the next day!

Have fun, but remember to drink sensibly.

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