Get to know: Edinburgh Campus

By BZashleigh 01 May 2020

With Edinburgh Campus being so big, it can be difficult to know where to go for what. We've collated some frequently asked questions to help you out and get familiar with your new campus...

Where can I study?
Open 24/7 during semester and exam times, you'll have your pick of over 700 individual and group study spaces across 2 learning commons. 

Can I get cash out?
For those takeaways and taxis! Find one in the Hugh Nisbet Building (free to use) and another in the Student Union Building. Just follow the 'cash machine' icons if you're not sure. 

Where can I pick up a snack?
Open till 9pm during the week, the Student Shop (located on the ground floor of the Hugh Nisbet Building) sells a range of snacks and stationery as well as groceries. Perfect for anybody living in self-catered accommodation if you've run out of milk!

I'm hungry, where can I go?
If you can't be bothered cooking or want a hearty lunch between lectures, the University eating outlets offer a range of meals, from salads and hot dishes to a choice of international cuisine, you can also visit Student Union for more choices of meals.

I need a coffee fix!
No problem! We have a fair amount of coffee shops - give The Piece in the Hugh Nisbet Building, Liberty's in the Student Union and Dewey's in Postgraduate Centre building a go and pick your fave. 

Is there parking?
Parking on campus is very, very limited and as a student living on campus, you are not allowed to bring your vehicle to campus. For more info on parking, please contact

How can I get around?
If you cycle, there are plenty of places to leave your bike (and some showers if it's a particularly hot day!) Otherwise, the campus has regular buses into town. 

Good to know: The Union canal runs from the centre of the city all the way past Heriot-Watt which means you don’t have to cycle on the busy roads to get here.

Who can I go to for help?
Whatever the problem- worried about money, struggling with your studies or finding it difficult to integrate, the Wellbeing team is here to support you. You can also speak to the Residence Life team (Residence Life Hub - Christina Miller West building) and the Advice Hub (Hugh Nisbet building) who will assist and support you throughout your residency. 

Did you know? We have a hairdresser on campus too! Based next to the Student Shop, it's ideal for a quick chop between lectures. 

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