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How I survive exam season

By BzBarlow 29 Apr 2020

One thing about university that I wasn't prepared for is exam season.

Having 2 or 3 different exams in one week is pretty stressful! BUT there are little ways to make it a bit easier...

During my January exam season, I decided to keep a diary so that when the next chunk of exams came around, I was a bit more prepared. It was also a great reminder of how I remained positive and productive!

Have a read, it might come in handy:


Definitely the most daunting day of the week! I make a to-do list for the week on a Monday which includes subjects to revise and other plans. I’m very visual, I highlight different tasks in different colours i.e. social stuff in pink, English revision in blue. You get the gist...


I'm not the sort of person that can do the same thing constantly so I like to mix up my revision styles. This also means I won’t panic when I realise I only focused on my first exam instead of all 2 (or 3). In the evening, I'll make sure to do something sociable to take my mind off things and enjoy some down time.



Today I focus on going over everything for my first exam tomorrow. I read over all of my notes and then get an early night with a salted caramel tea and watching some YouTube videos for some serious downtime; Lily Pebbles is my current fave!



Exam day. My exam is at 1pm so instead of stressing about revising all morning and burning out too early, I make myself a nice breakfast instead. I don't want to be in a dreading food coma, so I eat around 11ish to get the benefits of breakfast instead of the tiredness.



Yes, this week has been a slow and steady start but I deserve a lie-in now that I've got my first exam out of the way. It's all about balance and making sure you do things you enjoy during this time too. 

Only a few more weeks to go and YOU'RE FREE. Keep reminding yourself that the end isn't too far away and you'll be just fine.

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