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How to have (and keep) a happy, student house

By BzBarlow 18 Mar 2019

Choosing who you want to live with is a difficult choice. Deciding so early who you want to spend the next year with when in some cases you've never actually lived with them, is tough.

Moving in with your best mates is super exciting though and you're in for an amazing year ahead. However, it's best to clear some things up before you move in to avoid any awkward encounters as you head through the year...


If you've opted to do bills separately to your rent then get this organised in good time. A lot of arguments are caused by people missing payments. Nobody likes talking about money but it will save you the headache later.

Top tips: Take a look at this guide for all things bills and utilities.


It's best to agree on how to keep the place clean and tidy. No doubt they'll be differences in what people consider 'clean' so get this ironed out first. Everyone needs to pull their weight and a rota is a good way of splitting the responsibility and chores up.

Top tip: Mix it up every few weeks so you're not all stuck with the same chore. 


This can be a controversial topic but it can also cause a lot of tension. Some of you in the house may have a boyfriend/girlfriend and although it's okay for them to visit from time to time, be mindful that others in the house didn't agree to live with an extra person, especially if they're using your water for showers. 

Top tip: It's probably best to agree a time period in which guests can stay over and respect that agreement. 


No doubt you came across this issue in halls when your milk kept mysteriously 'disappearing' but be clear with what food belongs to who. Either decide to have communal items that everyone pitches in for OR take the 'every man for himself' approach. Whichever way, stick to it. 

Top tip: If you go for the communal option, do a 'big shop' together and split the cost equally between the house.


Same goes for other 'communal' items. Think about things like bin liners, loo roll, kitchen towels, dish clothes, washing up liquid, toilet cleaner- someone has to buy them when they run out so it's only fair to share that cost.

Top tip: Start a kitty for household items that everyone contributes to weekly. 

It might seem like a lot to think about but trust us - it's better to get all this agreed upon BEFORE you move in so everyone is clear.

Arguments and tension can start from the smallest of things so just remember to be respectful of each other and if there's something that's bothering you, speak as a house and get it sorted as quickly as possible to avoid things escalating for no reason. 

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