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Join the Scavenger Hunt

By HWResLife 17 Feb 2021

Reslife Scavenger hunt is back!

You can join the hunt by scanning these QR codes and answering the questions, and don’t forget to complete the forms in order to be entered into entered into our prize draw. Boost your chances of winning something fabby by collecting all the targets and answering the questions correctly.  Among the prizes for example, are awesome gift vouchers from JustEat and Amazon, however the total count and value of prizes depends on how many people take part so get your friends involved!

Even better, there are both "solo" and "team" courses this time. People can take part in both, although please ensure that you follow COVID19 guidelines at all times - e.g. we cannot permit you to have a team of 4 people from 4 different households.

The closing date for the event is 1st March at 9pm but don't leave it to the lats minute because all QR codes will be disabled automatically. Oh and please remember at least one team member in each pair must have a HW email account and sign up to the team event using it, teams that do not have any member using their HW email account are automatically disqualified.

  • 3 targets complete = 1 raffle ticket
  • 8 targets complete = 2 raffle tickets
  • All targets complete = 3 raffle tickets
  • All questions answered correctly = +1 raffle ticket
  • Solo - First person to get all 15 targets and answer all questions correctly = Special Prize
  • Team - First team to get all 11 targets and answer all questions correctly = Special Prize
  • Most amusing selfie with a QR target*** = +1 raffle ticket

*** gauged by giggle-factor from ResLife Staff (we love fancy dress btw).

Prize draw will be held early in March after closing and the winners notified by email. Thanks for taking part and good luck!

Please note: This is an outdoor activity, other than the ResLife hub, you will not need to enter the Halls of Residence buildings. Also, to obtain all QR targets it will take a few hours of your time and you will need to venture into woodland and go a bit off-road at times so please remain safe, dress for the occasion, and please respect the COVID-19 restrictions.

Lastly (honest 😉) - the questions are intentionally sarcastic/mischievous/ridiculous/funny/difficult and the targets are placed anywhere from obvious to decently well hidden, to make it more fun! 

Enjoy the hunt!



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