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Liza Blogger: My first week at Heriot Watt

By LizaBlogger 03 Jul 2020

Hey everyone, my name is Liza and I am a 20 years old Fresher student!

Week 1 is already finished; can you believe that? And the fact that we are starting the last week of September? I can’t. 

Well, let's look back on the fantastic feelings and things that happened during Freshers' Week.

First, I have to say that the Freshers Ball was absolutely gorgeous and people were so nice dressed!! This is my favourite night and the after-party hosted by Propaganda was also really enjoyable. Back to the ball- the Ceilidh was amazing and so incredible for a foreign student like me. Couldn’t breathe after so much dancing, jumping and moving everywhere but I loved that sensation to be inside a big family having fun all together.

Because, yeah, that’s my feeling. Being part of this huge family named Heriot-Watt Freshers students, with a lot of Scottish people but also people from all around the world, which is just crazy

The amount of people I’ve met during my Freshers week is impossible to say. Every day, every night, at every single party or event you just meet new random people. Some of them will be your new best friends, some will be in your class, others in your hall and the rest just random friends which you will say hi when meeting them on campus. 

Thanks to the Union we had a lot of events for every kind of person or personalities. Don’t you agree? 

  • Scavenger Hunts around the campus,
  • Laser games and trampoline parks,
  • Movies moments – I could finally watch the new version of Lion King,
  • BBQ and pancakes at Chaplaincy,
  • Nightclubs in town and Edinburgh, with different kind of parties every night

The Freshers Fair is where you discovered all the existing societies such as the Medieval one or the Physics society; also a place where you got a lot of freebies as for example a big package of… guess what? Condoms! With the Sports Fair, I was able to find the societies and sports clubs that are relevant to me. Also one of the greatest parts is that you could try some sports before signing in, and I tried archery and squash.

Living in the halls, on-campus allows you a very different life: watch sunsets from the lawn and then the stars in the sky. Go to your friend’s kitchens to eat all together if your flatmates are not there to hang out or just have so many people in your kitchen that there is no space to walk! As an international student, I shared my French food with other nationalities and let me say they loved the Camembert Cheese and Rillettes. Also, you can wake up just 15 minutes before the beginning of the lecture and still be on time! Want to party or have a drink but don’t want to head the town? Go to the Union’s bars or halls lounges. Want to work at the library at 10pm? You can and you will still be safe coming back to your dorm then because you are ON campus.

Freshers' week and first week have been so great so I am just excited to get deeper through the life here. 


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