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My Exam Prep Tips

By BzBarlow 29 Apr 2020

Hi, how are you preparing for your exam during this period of lockdown? 

Some may deem it easier to study since you literally have nowhere to be other than their rooms. Others who love to study in libraries may struggle a bit. Whichever category you fall within, it may still be difficult with all the distraction on the internet; movies, games, chats and so on.

Time management is of the essence especially now, and before you know it, the day you feel started just a few hours, will be over and you accomplished nothing. I am writing from experience guys; I am a victim as well!

Make a daily schedule that includes fun activities aside from studying to help you maintain your mental health, and stick to it no matter how difficult. You will see why you need to stick to your schedule from my story;

A lesson I learnt a little too late as a student, was to not focus on just the subjects I was good at ignoring the ones I dreaded and found difficult to understand. This is how it started, I did so well in Mathematics while not so good in Physics one term. So the next term, I devoted most of the time to Physics with the hope of doing well for both Physics and Maths. I believed I understood and absorbed Maths quickly, so didn’t need to waste so much time revising. Turns out, practice makes perfect, and guess what? that was the term I did worse in Maths, and to top it off, the Physics I devoted my time to, didn’t turn out great either. Due to this experience, I decided to turn the table, why not concentrate on Maths? I studied Maths instead of Physics each time my timetable suggested it was time for Physics, I ruled out Physics completely, and just studied it when I felt there was nothing else important to do. Mmmmh!!! You got it right, I was just a grade close to failing Physics in my national exam, thankfully that didn’t affect my choice of the program at the Uni, but it taught me one lesson, when you draw a study timetable, stick to it, it may be a subject you hate, but still make equal time for it, and in some cases, extra time while not ignoring your favourite subjects either.

So as you prepare for exams, be inspired by the courses you love, start with the subjects you enjoy to give you some motivation to press on, utilise the internet to have group discussions with your friends and help each other understand what’s difficult. And remember, the more you help others and explain what they don’t understand, the better you get. I wish you the very best as you start your exam, do the best you can, you are unique in your own way! Stay safe everybody.

Written by O.W. Mavis

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