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Packing for university: What to bring

By BzBarlow 01 Nov 2020

Preparing for University life can be a little daunting and you may end up packing more than you really need. So, before you start packing everything, check out our list of what we think you’ll need, including what you should not bring into halls.  

Important documents - bring a few copies of these in case your originals go missing! 

  • Passport and/or driving license 
  • HWU acceptance letter – useful for opening a bank account, obtaining student discount cards etc, if you haven’t already
  • Insurance documents (travel, contents etc.) 
  • Student finance documents (loans, bursaries etc.) – to check when the next instalment is coming in
  • Bank details and cards 
  • NHS number - to register with a GP 

For your bedroom:
Bedding* (duvet, pillows, sheets & pillowcases)
Clothes (have a look at the essentials for your first semester)
Clothes hangers
Phone charger
Laptop/computer/games console 
Laptop charger
Pins for noticeboard
Extension cable (make sure it's safe to use)
Home comforts (photos of friends and family etc.) 

*You will be provided with a bed and a mattress protector but you need to bring your own bedding. Asda, Tesco, Ikea and lots of other shops sell duvets/pillows/sheets.

If you didn’t order a bedding pack when you applied for accommodation but would like one please email to request one. These are payable after arrival and are charged at £30.00

For the kitchen:
Crockery (plates, bowls, cups)
Baking trays
Chopping board 
Cleaning products
Tea towels

We recommend you to visit the Chaplaincy before buying crockery and cutlery. The Chaplaincy collects kitchen items left in halls and distributes them for FREE to the new students!

Visit their Chaplaincy Facebook page for updates here: 

cleaning products

You will have cleaners who maintain all the communal areas (main entrances, lifts, lounges, public bathrooms and stairs) in your accommodation. Your bedroom and bathroom are your responsibility, and you are expected to keep them in an acceptable condition at all times. 

Although the cleaners will deep clean your kitchen once a week, you are still required to clean your kitchen regularly. For more information refer to the poster in your kitchen or take a look at our tips and tricks to keeping it clean here

Remember, keeping your bedroom clean is your responsibility!

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