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Power of the protein pots

By bzpriya 08 Oct 2019

Do you go to the gym or just work out a lot? Then it’s a good idea to nourish your body with protein to help grow and keep your muscles strong. Here are some delicious protein pots for you and your gym buddies to try...

Indian chicken protein pots

Got any leftover chicken from last nights dinner or some chicken in the freezer? Then get your protein fix on the go with these easy peasy pots. The protein comes from the chicken and spiced lentils in this dish which are super healthy for your body.


Tuna Nicoise protein pot

When it comes to getting the protein in, you want your food to be as tasty and filling as possible. The tuna and egg combination in this pot really does hit the spot whilst also having 30g of protein per portion, your body can only thank you.


Steak broccoli protein pot

Steak and rice wrapped up in a Japanese twist, sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Well, it’s a good job you can rustle this pot up in less than 20 minutes with it being super high in protein yet again.


Follow the link to see the method:

If you are vegan or vegetarian substitute the meat to a plant-based protein like: Quorn, tofu, nuts and beans/pulses. All you need to do now is get your protein fix!