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ResLife Holiday Plant-Sitting Service!

By HWResLife 20 Nov 2020

The ResLife Team have organized a plant-sitting service for Residents returning home during the holiday period! You can drop your plants off to our office in Christina Miller West during open hours!

We are also looking for green-thumb helpers to assist with taking care of the plants. If interested, simply drop us an email at:

Full details along with T&C's can be found below!

Environmental conditions:

- Plants will be kept on a room with an average temperature of 22 -24 degrees with a bit of day light in the morning.

- Plants will be kept together along with other plants from other students

- Plants will be taken care of by other students living in halls during Christmas period with supervision of ResLife staff

- If you agree to leave your plant with us, you will be automatically subject to the following Terms and conditions:

Terms and conditions:

- You must tag your plants with your name, student ID, hall, room number and, also with any special care or requirements before you drop it.

- If your plant requires any particular care or specific feed / fertiliser, please provide us with clear instruction and fee or fertiliser required. 

- ResLife staff will not interfere or modify the natural growth of the plant in any way.

- You must collect your plant upon your return to campus, if your arrival is delayed, please let ResLife know.

- Reslife and/or Heriot Watt University will not be liable in any case of loss, damage, fire, disease, meteor impact or zombie apocalypse.


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