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Self-Isolation Support (Quarantine)

By HWResLife 24 Nov 2020

Welcome to Heriot-Watt University

We know things are a little different this year, and we want to reassure you that we are doing everything we can so that you feel comfortable, safe and supported in your accommodation

As you are required to isolate for 10 days on arrival, we have put together some useful information which will hopefully help you during your self-isolation period.

For more information, please visit and If you have any additional queries, please contact


Our SafeGuarding team are available 24/7 and are contactable through the SafeZone App.

Please make sure you download the SafeZone app for whenever you need an immediate emergency response, first-aid or any other general assistance.

Apple devices - download SafeZone from the App Store

Android devices - download SafeZone from Google Play

Kitchen Access

You can still use your kitchen but please maintain social distancing if possible.  Take your meals back to your room, and clean and dry your used cutlery and crockery.   We have provided cleaning products for your kitchen as well as guidance on how to keep your kitchen clean.  Avoid sharing household items.  No visitors are permitted into your flat/ bedroom/ kitchen during your isolation period. Your kitchen will not be cleaned by the university cleaning team during your period of self -isolation.


Yes, you are permitted to go to the laundry room to do laundry while self-isolating.  Please check the Circuit website ( ) before you go to the laundry room. This will show you when a machine is available in your hall.  If you have laundry to do, once you have loaded your washing, please return to your flat until the washing is completed. Please do not wait in the laundry room.  When you have finished with the equipment, please wipe all touch-points with the wipes that will be available in the laundry room.

Where can I smoke:

You must not smoke in your room under any circumstance.  The smoke detectors are very sensitive and will set off the fire alarm.  It is an offence to tamper with the detector.   Although you are in quarantine, we have set up a schedule of times of the day when you can go outside to smoke.  This schedule is designed to ensure minimum contact between flats (households).  Please remember to wear a face covering whilst moving around the building and to use the hand sanitiser regularly.   The Government requirements stop you from taking a walk – so please go directly to the smoking area and remain out of your flat for as short a period as possible.

The designated times are

Floor1st smoking Time   2nd smoking Time   3rd smoking Time   4th Smoking Time   5th Smoking Time   
3 and 4   10:0013:0016:0019:0022:00

Rubbish Removal

Please use one of the time slots above base on the floor you are living.   Only 1 person from the flat should take rubbish to the bin stores.  Again, please remember to wear your face covering when moving around the building and use the hand sanitiser. 

Registration form for university Medical Centre

You must register with the local Medical centre as per the Accommodation contract, and we strongly recommend you register during your first week on campus.

There are secure boxes in the lobby area of your Hall of Residence for you to drop off your Medical Centre Registration form and we will return these to the Medical Centre on your behalf. Do not leave your hall to return the form to the Medical Centre when you are still isolating. 

If you do not have a Medical Centre Registration form, please let ResLife know and they will deliver it to you. 

Maintenance Requests

If there is a problem in your room, please report to  Minor maintenance issues will be addressed at the end of your isolation period. Urgent maintenance (e.g loss of power, flooding) should be reported to ResLife (during working hours) or SafeGuarding immediately.

If your issue is related to your internet connection, please report it to Glide (there should be a leaflet on your desk from Glide) who will be able to assist you remotely.

We recommend using the delivery service offered by supermarkets (all large supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda, Morrison and Waitrose offer such services).  You can do so by logging on to their websites and creating an account.

When ordering from a supermarket, please read the guidance below:

  • Delivery Address to “Your Hall and room number – Heriot-Watt University, Riccarton Campus, Edinburgh, EH14 4AS
  • Please also provide a contact number so the driver can call you once your shopping has been delivered
  • Please let the supermarket know that you are self-isolating due to arriving from a non-exempted country, thus you would need to stay 2 metres away from the driver. 
  • Please keep an eye on your phone as the driver will contact you when they arrive.

The Student Union Shop is also running a click and deliver service.   You can access the shop via this link  

When ordering from a Student Union shop, please read the guidance below:

  • Delivery Address to “Your Hall and room number – Heriot-Watt University, Riccarton Campus, Edinburgh, EH14 4AS”
  • Please also provide a contact number so the Student Union can call you once your shopping has been delivered
  • They will leave the delivery in the main entrance, please collect it as soon as you can.

Please note – you will need a UK number to make an online shopping order. You can obtain a free UK simcard from the main reception team or from reslife. 

Can we meet up with friends also in quarantine in other flats / blocks?

This isn’t permitted whilst you are in quarantine.  You are only allowed to socialise with members of your direct household (your flat). Meeting up is a serious breach of the Scottish Government rules.

Guest / Visitors

As per the new Scottish government regulation (September 22nd, 2020), students are not able to have any visitors or guests until further notice. This also applies after you have finished your period of self-isolation.

UK Sim card

We strongly recommend you to buy a UK sim card as soon as you arrive, you can do so online, buy from a  supermarket such as Tesco or get it delivered from our Student Union

Our main reception team can also provide you with a free UK simcard (GiffGaff) which you can collect you are checking in, and collecting your keys. 

Lock outs

If you are locked out, please do not worry. Please contact Safeguarding though the red phones (located near or on fire exit staircases), by pressing the enquiry button on your Safezone app or by calling the Safeguarding control room on 0131-4513500.

text, letter, whiteboard

Post and parcel delivery

Your mailboxes are situated near the main entrance of the building. You are permitted to check your mailbox but please do so within the designated smoking hours as in the table above. Parcels, and mail that requires a signature, are delivered to the parcel room in Christina Miller West. Please do not come to the parcel room. If there is a need for packages to be delivered, please contact the ResLife team:  Packages will only be delivered when they are urgent (e.g. bank card, ID, medication). We would ask that students refrain from ordering any non-essential items until their isolation period is over.  

What if I start to feel unwell?

If you become unwell with Covid-19 symptoms, please contact SafeGuarding immediately through the SafeZone App or by calling 0131 451 3500.

If you become unwell for another reason, you can speak to a medical professional on the phone by calling NHS 24 on 111. Let them know you are currently self-isolating due to recently arriving to Scotland. Please also contact SafeGuarding or ResLife so that the university can support and advise you on what steps to take.

In a medical emergency call SafeGuarding immediately.

Face Coverings

You must wear a face covering at all times in all public areas – including the corridors, stairwells, lift, laundry room and main entrance foyer. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action. If you are exempt, you may wish to wear a lanyard to avoid questions, please see and contact the wellbeing team for more information.

Fire Alarm

If the fire alarm in your hall goes off, you must evacuate the building. Once outside please practice socially distancing until you are allowed to re-enter the building. Once back inside please wash your hands.

The fire alarm is tested weekly – during which it will sound for around 15 seconds. During the test there is no need to evacuate. Follow this link to find out when the testing will occur in your hall -


Being in isolation can be both physically and mentally demanding. If you need support, you can contact Student Wellbeing at, or book through the HW portal. There is also an online service called TogetherAll where you can access support 24/7  There is also useful information relating to wellbeing and Coronavirus here

Important Contact Information
Accommodation Office:

0131 451 3500 or via SafeZone.

Main Reception
0131 451 3501



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