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Sunday roast THREE ways

By bzpriya 04 Nov 2019

Every Sunday roast needs to have an epic centrepiece. Whether you're a meat-eater, vegetarian or vegan you don't have to miss out on a Sunday dinner with your flat.

Here are some recipes on how you can make the perfect centrepiece. We've made a bunch of shopping lists for you, all you need to do is follow the links provided to see the method...

The perfect roast chicken

If you eat meat this classic won't disappoint. Serve with crunchy veg, crispy potatoes, some pork sausages (if you're feeling fancy), gravy and Yorkshire puddings (of course.)

Time to get cooking... 

Veggie nut roast

I present to you the tastiest nut roast out there. It's packed full of flavour and goodness that even the meat lovers will be tucking in, get your forks at the ready!

Time to go nuts...

Vegan nut roast

We've got you a meat centrepiece and a vegetarian one but don't worry, we didn't forget about the vegan diet. This nut roast certainly doesn't compromise on flavour, in fact, it's packed full of the stuff- especially aromatic spices.

Follow the link to get cooking...

Perfect for when you're feeling a little homesick and fancy a taste of home. It's also ideal for when Christmas comes along and you want to celebrate with housemates. 

Time to tuck in! 

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