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Top tips: Kitchen cleaning

By bzellie 30 Jul 2020

Keeping on top of your cleaning in your communal spaces will make your flat a much more enjoyable space to hang out. Cleaning may sound like a chore but it doesn't have to be, get all your flatmates together put some music on and the quicker it'll get done.

Two main tips to help keep the kitchen tidy is to:

  • Take out the bin regularly
  • Wash your dishes after you've used them and put them away once they are dry (no one wants to deal with dirty dishes piled high)

You can purchase some cheap kitchen cleaning essentials in the likes of Home Bargains or B&M but if you don't have one of these stores near you they will have them in any local supermarket. All you'll need is:

a person wiping a surface with some spray and a cloth

You can clean pretty much everything with an all-purpose surface spray in a kitchen, not forgetting the kitchen table, one item in the kitchen that can be a pain to clean is the oven...

This may seem like a daunting job but with a few simple steps, it's really not so bad...

  • Oven liners, these only cost a couple of pounds on eBay or Amazon and are so handy. They are placed at the bottom of the oven and catch any falling food, they can easily be removed and cleaned - much easier than cleaning burnt food at the bottom of the oven.
  • Oven Pride, this is magic, you put the cleaning solution in the oven and over the oven racks, leave overnight and it's like new in the morning!

You may be thinking why do I need to clean the oven? But letting it become blocked with dirt and grease will stop it working effectively and will stop it filling up with smoke every time you use it.

two pizzas going into an open oven

Once you are moved into your flat it might be a good idea to come together and set some ground rules or a rota so that the cleaning of the kitchen isn't just left up to one person. Having this in place at the beginning of the year will save having to discuss this later down the line with people who are used to leaving their dirty dishes, getting into a routine now will help!

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