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Vlog your experience of halls & get £50 Upay credit!

By BzBarlow 22 Oct 2020

We're on the lookout for students to collab with!

With the current, ongoing situation with COVID-19, we want to find out what it's like living on campus in 2020. Get your whole flat involved and share with others your experiences of living at Heriot-Watt.

Why should I get involved?

  • You will get filmmaking training from a production company. 
  • Ongoing support from a professional edit team, to bring polish and expertise to your footage.
  • The potential to share your videos on the University's channels.
  • Your university experience captured on video.
  • A fantastic and unique addition to your CV.
  • You will also receive £50 credit on your Upay app to spend!

What do I need to do?

  • Access to a camera or smartphone to record with.
  • Attend an initial online workshop to kick off the vlog.

It's a great opportunity to share with others what life at Heriot-Watt is really like and create memories on film!

How do I get involved?

Simply register your interest using the form below and we'll be in touch!

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