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We have processed..5000 ROYAL MAIL PARCELS!!

By HWResLife 17 Feb 2020

ResLife started operating the parcel room for the residences in September 2019, and since then we have processed over 5000 Royal Mail parcels!! We have survived Black Friday, Christmas, the January Sales and they just keep coming!

You can help us to keep the Parcel Room running smoothly by please ensuring: 

  • You use your own name on your parcel (that matches your student ID), and your full address including hall and room number. 
  • You have an email from ResLife confirming you have a parcel before coming to collect
  • You come to collect as soon as possible and remember to bring your student ID
  • You only come for your parcel when the parcel room is open, 6pm - 8pm daily
  • You remember you cannot pick up parcels for anyone else but yourself!

Also, please remember any parcel that is not delivered by Royal Mail will not be handled by us, couriers will  instead attempt delivery directly to your hall. The University takes no responsibility for these so please contact your courier directly if you need any help. 

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