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A guide to living in the UK

By BzBarlow 01 May 2021

There will be LOADS you'll want to do during your time at Heriot Watt. Here are just some pointers to consider whilst studying here...

  • Soak up the Culture
    Try new things, taste new dishes and really embrace your time living in the UK!
    Dishes to try: Full English Breakfast, Fish and Chips, Pie and Mash, Sunday Roast 
  • Visit new places
    We are blessed to have some major cities around the UK that are easily accessible by train. Glasgow, London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Liverpool and SO many more are worth a visit.
  • Explore what's on your doorstep
    Don't forget there is plenty to do in Edinburgh too! From Arthur's Seat to Princes Street, you will spend many weekends discovering new places.
  • Get to know your surroundings
    With it's beautiful, green parkland, nature and art - Heriot Watt campus has lots to offer. So, make time to really know what's around you and enjoy it!
  • Join a society
    The perfect opportunity to meet different people than those on your course. Plus, societies are a great source of support when you feel homesick.
  • Queue up
    You will notice British people are always lining up. Make sure you wait your turn and do not push in as this will be considered rude. 
  • Finding Food
    Do not worry about missing your favourite foods from home. Edinburgh has a range of stores selling country-specific ingredients.
  • Get familiar with British holidays
    It is worth familiarising yourself with holidays in the UK as you will notice stores and restaurants will close early on certain days. 

For more tips and advice, our blogger Judie shared with us her experience whilst living at Heriot-Watt...

Judie's Top 5 Places to Eat in Edinburgh
Judie's Blog: Once Watt, Never Not

If you would be interested in vlogging/blogging your experience in Edinburgh, get in touch! 

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