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Are you getting ready to move out?

By HWResLife 14 Apr 2022

With most exams being conducted online, we are aware that some of you have started to move back home.

So before you close that bedroom door and return the key to the main reception, please check out some of our tips below:

  1. Remove all valuable and personal items from your bedroom and kitchen. Any items left behind will be donated/ disposed of and will be unavailable for collection after this date.
  2. Quality items of clothing/textiles can be placed in British Heart Foundation bins (no bedding) and any quality household items such as pots, pans etc to be taken to collection points at the entrance to your hall.
  3. Unopened and in-date food can be donated and these items will be delivered to local food banks – please take these items to your collection point at the entrance to your hall.  
  4. Remove and dispose of all rubbish/recycling to the appropriate location.
  5. Please return your room key to the University Main reception. If you depart during our opening hours please leave your room key/key card in our drop box located in the small lobby area of the Main Reception (right-hand side between the sliding door). In an emergency, you can leave your key in your room and send an email to to notify the team. 
  6. Maintenance issues? Please report these prior to departure via the QR code in your kitchen.
  7. Need a reference? Please email quoting your name and student H number.
  8. Finance - please note you paid a rent advance fee which was deducted from your accommodation fees. This is not refundable. Please ensure that all accommodation fees are settled prior to departure.
  9. Environmental - please give the planet a break and remember to switch electrical appliances and lights off in your room. Turn radiator valves down to “1” or below to avoid wasting heat.

As an existing student, you are not covered by the accommodation guarantee and therefore need to look into accommodation options for the 2022/2023 academic year. We have partnered with City Room Rentals to assist our returning students with accommodation options (please see attached leaflet). To benefit from special promotional offers please quote HER22.

For further information on accommodation options in Edinburgh please see our off-campus living page.

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