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Creating a Distraction-Free Study Space

By CieraBlogger 26 Nov 2021

It’s easy to get distracted when going to study, as sources of distraction can be found everywhere.

Eliminating these sources which ultimately damage our productivity is necessary in order to ensure that we work to the best of our abilities.

Here are 5 of my top tips for creating a distraction-free space for study.

  1. Turn off your phone & put it out of sight
    Unless your work genuinely requires using your phone, it’s easier to keep it out of your sight. I personally find that switching it off entirely is more effective than turning off notification sounds or using airplane mode. Doing this causes an increasingly prominent sense of disconnect between yourself and the device.
  2. Decide what noise level suits you
    Do you work best in silence? In nature? While listening to music or rain sounds? Right now as I’m typing this I have music on in the background of another tab of my laptop. I used to listen to music on my phone while working but found it tempting to check through messages etc when having it on. 
  3. If you’re working at home, clean your room or study space
    Visual clutter can cause you to feel mentally cluttered too. If cleaning isn’t your cup of tea, try sticking on a few of your favourite songs and getting as much as you can done - even just clearing the desk and making your bed will help!
  4. Find your focus
    If you’re struggling to focus, setting yourself a timer to work alongside could be beneficial. Using Pomodoro in another tab can be a great idea when doing this it allows you to set a timer for working as well as for a break. Taking breaks is important when doing work to let yourself rest and encourage you to want to continue with your work. If you don’t take breaks you’re actually more inclined to become distracted as you’ll be left wanting a break that you aren't giving yourself.
  5. Reward yourself
    Similarly to the importance of taking breaks, it’s also important to reward yourself and wire your brain into positive habits. You’ve just worked hard and made progress towards your goals, and that’s a great thing! You deserve to do something that you enjoy, have a bar of chocolate or watch that next episode of your current Netflix obsession.

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