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Do you know where to get support?

By HWResLife 12 Aug 2021

Heriot-Watt University is a one-stop shop.

Yes, you can get anything you want and need help with as you move onto the campus. Surely moving in can sometimes be a tall order and the complexities involved could be daunting. From figuring out whom to report maintenance issues to or where to seek advice on general issues, the university has everything in store for you.

Here are some of the departments and the respective help they provide:

Accommodation and Main Reception:

Perhaps you have an issue with your accommodation contract, something does not sit right with you or you spotted an omission. No WORRIES!! Just email with all your enquiries. They respond to you in no time. The friendly Main Reception team are also ready to help with all your campus enquiries - give them an email on - if they can't help they will refer you to the department that can.


And yes, I know, you’re probably wondering, “well what do I do when something in my room is not working properly” don’t panic when this happens, just scan the QR code in your room, provide details of the problem and the maintenance team will get it sorted! If it is too urgent to wait – maybe you have a huge flood, or no power – then contact SafeGuarding right away. 

Wellbeing and Disability:

Starting a new Academic year can be strenuous at times and yes you may need professional help or perhaps just need to open up to someone about a personal problem. The University Wellbeing Services provides you with a range of support, guidance and advice to help you be your best and get the most from your university experience.  Reasons you may wish to contact the Wellbeing or Disability teams include if you 

  • Require support for mental health, or something is worrying you 
  • You think you may have a disability, including dyslexia, and are wondering what to do
  • You wish to receive support or report an incidence of bullying or harassment 


Hold on a second, ResLife also makes your university experience as fruitful as the Wellbeing services do. Not pairing up with your flatmates well so far, or perhaps you just fancy a warm cup of hot chocolate over a chat. Then walk into the Christina Miller Hub. It's open Monday to Sunday 9am to 10pm, or email 


So here’s the thing - we are committed to making students enjoy their stay on campus. This is why we have a 24-hour emergency department on standby. Are you having an emergency, you’re ill but feel it is too late, or perhaps you got locked out of your room, don’t hesitate to pick up the red phone in your hall, call 0131 451 3500 or email They are always ready to help.  

Advice Hub:

The Student Union Advice Hub Is located opposite the Student Union shop; you could walk in and have a chat with them or ask for advice on just about anything and they more than likely will have answers to all your concerns. Alternatively, you can email them at 

Medical Centre:

I know you are still getting used to the campus, enjoying the beautiful scenery, but please don’t forget to register with the GP. The Riccarton General Practice is situated right on the campus and is open Monday to Friday 6am to 6pm.


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