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Hacks to keep you warm this winter

By bzellie 07 Nov 2021

You can always expect a cold winter in Scotland so it's important to keep yourself toasty and warm to avoid getting ill.

If you're not used to the cold, here are some super easy (and cheap) ways of keeping the heat in...

1. Hot Water Bottle
These are so handy to have and are a super cheap way of staying warm at home.
Top Tip: Before bed, put the hot water bottle in your bed while you get ready so when you get in it will be nice and warm. 

2. Keep it shut
Make sure to keep all doors shut to retain the heat from the radiator. It'll keep everywhere warmer for longer. 

3. Invest in a big winter coat
A definite must when living in Scotland! It'll be a lifesaver for those walks to uni when temperatures really start to plummet. Get yourself gloves, scarf and hat whilst you're at it too. 

4. ...And a dressing gown
Perfect for slipping on first thing in the morning whilst you get ready.

5. Close the curtains

Avoid heat escaping through the windows by keeping curtains closed, especially when the heating is on. 
Top tip: Tucking the curtain behind the radiator will make sure as much heat stays in the room as possible.

6. If all else fails...get a cup of tea!
Whether it's a classic brew, a fruit tea, coffee or hot chocolate, warm drinks are an instant fix to take the chill off. 

These hacks really can make all the difference in the colder months, thank us later!


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