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Help, I'm locked out!

By HWResLife 20 Jan 2022

Hopefully, it never happens to you, but just in case, here's what you need to do...

If you have your student ID card and it is between 9 am and 5 pm (Mon - Fri), you can go to the Main Reception who will issue you with a temporary key or card

If you don't have you have your student ID card and it is outside the time above, please contacting the SafeGuarding Services on 0131 451 3500 or pick up the red phone or press the enquiry button on your Safezone App.


You will be charged £50 fine on your 4th lock outs, and the fine will repeat on your 8th, 12th and so on. So do keep your keys on you at all times!

Access to student room:

We can give you access to your room once we confirmed your ID (student ID, passport, driving license, BRP) but we cannot give access to your friend or family member.

If your friend or family member needs to access your room for an emergency issues (welfare) or to collect essential items (passport, prescriptive medication), please contact Reslife.

Stolen or lost keys?

  • You must report this to the Police and to SafeGuarding Services by calling 3500 or go to the Main Reception. For Scottish Border students, call SafeGuarding Services on 2064
  • Your can purchase a new key or keycard from the main reception for a fee


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