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Judie's Top 5 Places to Eat in Edinburgh

By JudieBlogger 31 May 2021

Despite originally coming from Asia, I have lived away from Asia for six years, so my eating habits are therefore fairly westernised!

See below for my top 5 eateries in Edinburgh!

Carnivore Lover: Oink
There are two Oink's in Edinburgh, one on Victoria Street and another on Hanover Street. As I am not the biggest fan of bread, I always order a box (for $$$) and you get to choose the topping (which is always haggis for me) and sauce. 

Cafe Lover: Spoon
Spoon is allocated in Old Town, and it is upstairs of Blackwell's bookstore. The decoration is very warm and homey. The food portions are big with great prices. Definitely a go-to if you fancy brunches, or just if you run out of places to eat.

Casual drinks: Pop-up Geek
Pop-up Geek is a themed bar that designs cocktails along with the theme. I have been there a few times, and there were themes like, “once upon a time” and “game of thrones.” It was great to enjoy with friends who like the same thing.

Sweet tooth: Coro chocolate café
If you have sweet teeth, Coro is definitely your go-to. Each dessert is less than £10 with very generous toppings. One size of the desert seems to be large enough to be shared between two.

On-campus favourite: All day breakfast
All-day breakfast on the campus is open from 8am to 11am. As a student, you pay £4.35 for 7 breakfast items and a cup of tea/coffee. It is great to kickstart your day, and it keeps you full late afternoon!

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JudieBlogger originally from Taiwan and this is her 8th year living away from home.
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