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Kitchen Cleaning FAQ

By HWResLife 12 Aug 2021

It is the responsibility of you and your flatmates to keep your kitchen clean to a good standard. To assist, the university provides a regular assisted clean of your kitchen. These FAQs should help answer all your questions about kitchen cleaning. 

Q. I live in university accommodation, will my kitchen be cleaned by university staff? 

A. It is your responsibility to keep your kitchen clean and tidy. To help, your kitchen will receive and “assisted clean” from the cleaning staff of the Residences Team on a regular basis.

Q. What is included in an “assisted clean”? 

A. An assisted clean includes a wipe down of worktop surfaces, the floor swept and mopped and the bins taken out.

Q. What is not included in an “assisted clean”? 

A. The assisted clean does not include tidying mess, throwing away rubbish, cleaning or putting away dishes, removing excess rubbish or recycling.  

Q. How should I prepare for the “assisted clean”? 

A. All worktops must be clear, the sink empty and dishes put away before the assisted clean. The floor should also be clear from mess and excess rubbish and recycling removed.  

Q. The cleaners have left a notice saying the kitchen wasn’t cleaned due to “unacceptable condition” what does this mean? 

A. If the cleaning staff are unable to access the worktops and/or floors due to excess mess or rubbish, your kitchen will not be cleaned. You are expected to rectify this before the next cleaning day. If this does not improve, a cleaning charge of £15 per kitchen user may be issued.  

Q. How will I know what day my kitchen will be cleaned? 

A. The cleaning team will leave a notice on your kitchen door stating when your kitchen will be cleaned.  

Q. Will the cleaners also clean my room? 

A. No, the cleaner will only clean the kitchen.  

Q. My flatmates are very messy and I am always having to do all the cleaning and tidying. I am getting frustrated. What do I do? 

A. ResLife recommends politely addressing your concerns to your flatmates and suggesting implementing a cleaning rota. If this does not resolve the issue please contact 

Q. If I have any concerns or questions regarding the kitchen cleaning, who should I contact? 

A. Email who will pass on your query to the relevant cleaning team. 

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