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Minor Injuries Information

By HWResLife 06 Mar 2021

If you have a minor injury, there is a minor injuries unit at the Western General Hospital.

This may be useful if the University Health Centre is shut and you need:

  • Treatment for an injury such as a cut, burn, sprain or simple fracture
  • An Xray
  • Painkillers, antibiotics or a tetanus vaccination
  • Physiotherapy referral

The address for the Western General Hospital is:

Western General Hospital,
Crewe Road,

Phone Number: 0131 537 3481

They are open 7 days a week, 8am – 8pm

To get to the hospital, you can take No.25 from the campus bus to Gorgie, then No.38 to WGH. Alternatively, a taxi would cost around £20-£30 one way.

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