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My 4 favourite ways to enjoy a night in halls

By PriyaBlogger 30 Sep 2021

Living away from home is expensive enough as it is and sometimes you’ll find you just won’t have enough extra cash to be splashing out on nights out with your flatmates.

This can mean you end up being stuck in your flat with nothing to do...

If boredom sets in, here are a couple of ideas to keep you and your flatmates entertained...Staying in is the new going out after all, right? 

Enjoy a games night...

Board games may be old school but it's amazing how much fun they can be when there's a big group of you. Whether it's Cards Against Humanity or the classic Cluedo, you can end up being sat there all night. Be careful, it can get pretty heated! Oh, and watch out for the one that always tries to cheat...

Go for something a little more energetic...

Gather the flatmates and get those heart rates going. A group yoga session, an obstacle course or a simple game of Twister can keep you entertained for a couple of hours.

Have a Great FLAT Bake Off...

We all love some healthy competition AND we also LOVE cake. So why not join the two? Follow these rules for your very own miniature, bake-off...

  • Decide on a judge/s (put names into a hat to make it fair) 
  • The bakers then pick the treat they want to make (cookies & biscuits are the easiest) 
  • Set a time limit and get baking!
  • Once the clock stops, you MUST stop what you’re doing. Even if you’re not finished.
  • The judge/s then have to decide a winner (both on taste and presentation)
  • The winner is announced and you can all tuck in! 

Or simply sit back and relax...

Failing all that, you can't beat a relaxing night in, a good film (or Netflix series), snacks, and some laughs with your flatmates. You work hard - you deserve a night off!


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