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My top 5 places to visit in Edinburgh whilst at Heriot-Watt

By JudieBlogger 01 May 2020

As a reflection of my time in Edinburgh, there are definitely places that I will miss when I leave after graduation.

Here are the top 5 places that people must visit while at Heriot-Watt, and I also include three reasons each!

Shopping Destination: Ocean Terminal

If you are a mall person instead of a shop person, ocean terminal is definitely ideal for you. Three reasons why I love the place...

-  Popular shopping brands with a lot of sales: Although the place is not designed as an outlet, there seems to be more sales going on compared to the shops in the city centre. (I had a £75 voucher for GAP earlier this year, and I ended up struggling to spend them all because there was 20% off on top of the clearance sales. As a result of that, I ended up buying eight items which I thought was brilliant.)
-  Amazing restaurants with brilliant views: I always go to the burger restaurant called Handmade Burger Co. and request a window seat. It has a lot of space, and you can't ask for more than eating the best burger next to the sea!
-  Easy access: It is the final stop of bus 34 and 35 so if you are travelling from the university, you can literally just jump on the bus and chill!

Karaoke fan: Supercube

If you are from the UK, you might have already heard of Supercube. Three reasons why it is brilliant!

-   Location: It’s on George Street, i.e. many bars around the karaoke bar, so it is definitely ideal if you want to have a wee drink before heading in!
-  Discounts: there are weekday discounts, student discounts, and many other discounts for the karaoke!
-  Languages: there are many different languages of karaoke, including English, Mandarin, Cantonese and etc.

Park Lover: Princes Street Garden

Prince's street garden is no doubt the number one. Why?

-  City centre: as the campus is a bit far from the city centre, going to a park that is an hour away just seems to be too much effort. However, from the university, Princes-street garden only requires 30 minutes commute which makes it a brilliant location.
-  Christmas Market: if you happen to be here during Christmas, visiting the market is just a must! Great atmosphere, more and more entertainment, and tasty food! 
-  Octoberfest: the annual beer festival in Edinburgh, and it is great to enjoy with friends!

Something Natural: Calton Hill

One of the most tourist places in the city centre, and it is a must-go for visitors. How can you study in Edinburgh without going there?

-  Festive Night: I celebrate Guy Fawkes Night on 5th November and Burns Night on 25th January at Calton Hill.
-  Outdoor Social: A few of my friends sometimes just go on the hill to gather around. However, remember that the hill is a bit windy so always bring a light jacket with you!
-  Small hiking: it is very close to the city centre. You can chill in Calton Hill if you get tired of shopping.

City escape: Portobello Beach

Portobello beach is on the east side of Edinburgh.

-  City escape: as it is about an hour away from the city centre, it is usually quite chilled to walk around.
-  Café: there are a few cafés, ice cream shops, and restaurants around, so it is great with the views.
-  Volleyball: I have a few friends who always go to the beach for volleyball competition, so if you happen to be a fan, you will need to try it out!

Of course, there are many other good places in Edinburgh, and if you are interested in any other good places that I have been to, check me out on Instagram: @judietaiwanese.

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JudieBlogger originally from Taiwan and this is her 8th year living away from home.
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