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THE guide to doing laundry at Heriot Watt

By BzBarlow 16 Aug 2021

Laundry is a chore none of really like to do but is a must whilst living in halls!

Luckily, it's really simple to do. All of our laundry rooms feature top-up card or app activated machines. So get your top-up card, download the free app to any smartphone and top-up online.

First things first, where is your laundry room located?

  • Robert Bryson hall: On the first floor, just turn right from the lift and go straight on. Your room key will unlock the laundry room.
  • Lord Home hall: Next to the main entrance of Lord Home hall. Your room key will unlock the laundry room.
  • Christina Miller hall: On the lower ground of Christina Miller East building. Your keycard will unlock the laundry room.
  • Robin Smith hall and George Burnett hall: Your laundry room is located in an external building, next to Robin Smith hall. Your hall keys will unlock the laundry room.
  • Lord Thomson hall: On the ground floor of Lord Thomson hall. Your key will unlock the laundry room.
  • Anna McLeod hall: On the first floor, near the lounge. Your keycard will open the laundry room.
  • Mary Fergusson hall: On the first floor and your keycard will open the laundry room.
  • Muriel Spark hall: On the first floor and your keycard will open the laundry room.
  •  Scottish Borders Campus: Select Galashiels and the building is Pavilion Building 2.

How do I know whether there is a machine free to use?

You can check if a machine is free before you head to the laundry room and even check the status of your laundry room to avoid the busy hours:

  • Go to the Circuit laundry website or download the app (GooglePlay or AppleStore)
  • Select Edinburgh from the drop-down menu
  • Select Heriot-Watt University from the drop-down menu
  • Select your hall (i.e. Anna Mcleod) from the drop-down menu

How do I even do a load of laundry?

Watch the video below or follow this step-by-step guide. There are posters on the noticeboards too if you need a reminder!

How much does it cost?

It currently costs £2.90 to use the washing machines and £1.70 to use the dryers.
All of our laundry rooms feature top-up card or app activated machines. So get your top-up card, download the free app to any smartphone and top-up online. It's super simple!

We've got some top tips for perfect laundry, every time.

The water in Edinburgh is soft, meaning it lathers easily so less detergent is needed.

  • Our newer top-up/app operated machines do not have a drawer for detergent, so all washing powders, capsules, softeners, etc. go straight into the drum with your clothes. If you're buying a fabric softener make sure it's bleach-free otherwise your clothes may be stained!
  • Pay attention to the maximum and minimum loading lines marked on the machines. Overloading the machines will lead to your clothes not being washed or dried properly and under loading is a waste of money and energy!
  • If the washing machine won’t start the display will show “E DL”, simply open the washer door and shut it again, this will clear the fault as the door wasn’t shut properly.
  • When drying clothes, remember that "permanent press" or "delicates" is the cold setting, while "whites" is the hottest setting. If your clothes haven't dried after a cycle, it's usually because a wrong setting was selected or the machine was overloaded.
  • Before using the dryer, do check that the small fluff vent in the inside front of the dryer has been emptied – if not fluff should be removed.
  • If an error code 3040 is showing then you may be inserting your card either upside down or back-to-front. For any other error code, you will need to get a new laundry card and contact us by phone or email for a new top-up code.
  • If there is a faulty machine you can log the fault online to arrange for an engineer to attend. Also, let the Residence Life team know so an out of order sign can be displayed in the meantime.
  • Good laundry practice would advise you not to remove items from a machine while it is in use without the resident being present. You should avoid leaving items in the machine after the cycle is finished as it will cause an inconvenience for other residents. Set an alarm for when your washing will be done!
  • Circuit who manages the machines also has a free 24hr customer helpline number in case you are not sure which settings to use. The number is 0142 282 0026 or 0800 092 4068. You can also ask the Residence Life team to assist you in contacting Circuit.

The University accepts no responsibility for items lost or damaged in the laundry. Washing lines/ropes are not permitted in the residences and students should not dry their wet laundry in their study bedrooms or in the corridors and public areas of the residence.  

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