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Ways to be more active - without really trying

By BzBarlow 18 Mar 2019

Student life can be hectic. Fitting in lectures, deadlines and a social life is tough, nevermind having to fit in exercise too!

So, to make it easier and to avoid feeling guilty for not getting up at 6am for a gym session, here are some super easy ways to become more active in your daily life...

1. Take the stairs
No matter where you are, whether it's uni or the train station - always choose the stairs over the lift or escalator. 

2. Head out for a walk more often
If running isn't your thing, walking can be just as an effective way of burning calories. The best thing is, Heriot-Watt has a huge and beautiful campus so you don't need to go far.

3. Clean 
Not everybody's favourite thing to do but it's a great way to get moving without even leaving your room. Changing your bedding definitely gets your heart rate up!

4. Go the long way
Find an alternative route to your lectures that means you get more steps in. If you drive to uni, park further away so you get a longer walk (just make sure you're not late!) 

5. Set reminders to move
Whether you're deep into a revision session or hours through a YouTube marathon, you can be sat down longer than you think. Set reminders on your phone to get up and move around- go to the kitchen for a drink, do some jumping jacks on the spot or even better, head out for some fresh air.

6. Experiment at meal times
Spending more time prepping and cooking your meals is a really easy way to keep moving. Chopping, stirring, wandering to and from the fridge all means less time sat down and more time moving, plus- you get a tasty dish at the end of it too.


7. Drink more water 
It might sound odd but keeping yourself well hydrated does mean more trips to the toilet! That then requires you to get up and move- sneaky!
Good to know: drinking plenty of water can also help reduce feelings of hunger too.

8. Do some exercises whilst watching TV
No need for fancy gym equipment, squeezing in 30 mins of exercise a day can go a long way to feeling more active. So, while you binge on your latest Netflix obsession, try some bodyweight exercises such as squats, lunges, calf-raises, planks and leg raises.


It might not seem like it, but these little changes to your everyday life can go a long way to help you feel more energised!

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