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What to bring to a study session

By CieraBlogger 22 Nov 2021

Are you planning to hold a study session soon and don’t entirely feel sure of what to bring?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here’s a breakdown of what I bring to a study session, as well as why these things are all important.

  1. Laptop, charger and mouse
    Most of my notes and essay work are stored on my laptop, hence why it’s essential for me to bring this along. I never go to campus without my charger, even if my laptop battery is full. It feels safer to have it than to be unable to work due to leaving it at home.
  2. Phone and phone charger
    Even though phones can be a work distraction, it’s not safe to go out without it on my walk to campus. During the end of my second year, I stayed on campus doing a lot of evening or nighttime study sessions, and I don’t like to go out late without a means of calling someone. Sitting down to do work is an ideal time to zap up your phone’s charge too.
  3. Pens, organisers and notepad(s)
    If you have any lists or schedules I recommend bringing them along with you, as well as a handful of pens to make notes or cross of finished to-dos. Bring along any relevant class notes that you haven’t typed up on your laptop as well. It’ll be hard to complete your work to the best of your ability without the necessary notes.
  4. Earphones
    If you like listening to music or any ambient sounds while you work, headphones or earphones are an essential item. I like to bring them with me on study sessions to listen to music but they also come in handy to block out noise.
  5. Water bottle, snack and your purse or wallet
    I bring an empty water bottle to campus to cut down on weight and fill it up for free at one of the water fountains. I can’t study without staying hydrated. Bringing a snack with you or money to grab a quick bite from a vending machine or local shop can be handy too because who can study on an empty stomach?
  6. Tissues
    You never know when you might need a tissue. They can be useful for other purposes too such as wiping down your table or cleaning your hands after a snack.
  7. A book
    I like to bring a book on campus to read during breaks or at the end of my study session. If I’m on campus late it’s usually nice and quiet which is ideal for reading.
  8. Keys and your Student ID
    And last, but definitely not least, remember to bring your house keys and Student ID with you. Walking all the way to campus just to realise that you can’t gain access to the library or building as a whole or locking yourself out of your flat isn’t the best experience.

Happy studying!

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