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What to pack: International guide

By BzBarlow 01 Jul 2021

If you're travelling to Edinburgh from outside of the UK, packing is always a little more challenging as you have to think about what stays behind and what makes it into your suitcase.

To get you started, here are some key items you'll want to consider bringing to get your through your first few weeks:

  • Documentation
    It might be obvious but always make sure to bring your passport, visa information and any other paperwork you may need such as airport arrivals details. 
  • Clothes for winter
    As you'll be joining us in September, you will be arriving in Edinburgh when the weather is beginning to get cooler. Therefore, be sure to prioritise coats, jumpers, sensible footwear and waterproof items for your first semester. You can find a more detailed list of clothing items to pack here.
  • Toiletries
    It's best to pack at least some for your first week or so whilst you get settled in. Be sure to remember anything in your hand luggage will need to be no more than 100ml and fit into a clear plastic bag. 
  • Gadgets/Electronics
    Such as your phone, laptop, tablet, speakers and headphones. Plus, all the relevant chargers. (It's likely you'll also need suitable adaptors - its best to purchase these when you arrive in the UK) 
  • Home comforts
    Nothing too heavy or bulky so you're able to save space for other items but think about photos, letters, small gifts etc that will remind you of home
  • Food
    Okay so you won't need a full food shop but bringing some of your favourite treats and snacks can be comforting in your first few weeks. Edinburgh does have a range of international supermarkets should you want to buy specific items when you're here. 

Don't worry too much if you can't fit everything you want in, there are lots of stores in the UK for you to get other items. Places like Argos, Ikea and Wilko are great for bulkier products such as laundry baskets, lamps and duvets - all with student-friendly prices!

Take a look at items you may need to buy in your first few days to make your halls feel more homely. 

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